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  1. Trustee In Bankruptcy

    Who we are

    We are a licensed Trustee in Bankruptcy (Licensed by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, a department of Industry Canada, a Federal Government department) and we offer financial solutions (more than just bankruptcy) to help you to deal with your debt. Operating in Calgary since 1997 we have helped over 6000 people find their solution. We offer free consultations on debt management and provide you with confidential personalized service.  We offer the experience and expertise to give you the best advice. Check out our Better Business Bureau A+ rating.

    What we do

    You see a dentist for your teeth and a lawyer for your legal problems. When you have financial issues you see a Trustee in Bankruptcy. They are the professionals and they do more than just Bankruptcy.

    A Licensed Bankruptcy Trustee is the only person Federally Licensed with the legal jurisdiction and legislative authority to deal with your debts. A Bankruptcy Trustee is a very specialized individual who is highly educated, highly trained and a highly regulated professional that deals with debt. They have the experience and expertise to help you.

    We offer solutions to deal with your debt so that you may be able to avoid bankruptcy or we can assist you with a Bankruptcy if that is the best option for you. We can’t make the decisions for you but we can advise you on your options and the consequences of each one. Deal with the professional who can get the job done right the first time. There is no charge to talk and making that first phone call or sending in the “Contact us” form  can be the beginning of a fresh start for you and your family.  We have the legal jurisdiction and legislative authority to help you.  We don’t make promises we can’t keep but we do promise to work with you to turn your financial life around and provide you with a fresh start.

    How we help you

    We can deal with your creditors and help you get back on track. Whether it be a repayment plan (Consumer Proposal) or a Personal Bankruptcy we can find the right debt solution for you.

    A Trustee is a neutral party who represents the creditors, is an Officer of the Court and will ensure that your rights are respected. Please be aware that some people advertise themselves as credit counselors or debt counselors, they are not Trustees, please see the information under “Common Scenarios, Innocent Victim”.

    At BNA Solutions we treat everyone with courtesy and respect. We understand that bad things can happen to good people and a fresh start is sometimes what you need to move forward. Insolvency (being unable to meet your debts as they become due) is not the end of the world and bankruptcy can sometimes be the beginning of a new chapter.

    If you are under unbearable stress due to a burdening debt load and facing a garnishee or foreclosure we can help. We focus on your well being first and foremost and we can provide immediate assistance if your income is garnished or your assets are seized.

    Navigating our site

    We understand that when it seems like the world is closing in around you it seems good help and advice is hard to find.  Our site is designed to inform you not only about what we do as Bankruptcy Trustees but also to let you know that there are options for you and that for every issue there is a solution for you.  We’ve organized our site so you can also use it as an informational tool on the many different options that you have to get your financial situation back on the right track.  Even if you’re not there yet, we have plenty of ideas and tips that can help prevent falling deeper into debt.  We also look at it as a success if we’ve provided you with some insight that means you don’t need a bankruptcy trustee!

    Contacting us

    You’ll find a “Contact Us” box on every page of our site.   Don’t hesitate to complete a few easy contact information tabs and send us a question.  We will contact you promptly to follow up.  After speaking with us we’re certain you’ll feel a lot better about your options.


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