• “Excellent!! Barry was so easy to talk to and non-threatening. We were very intimidated by the whole situation until Barry talked to us. The process was smooth and we couldn’t be happier to be on our way to being debt free.”

  • “Wonderful! The girls here are always pleasant and never judge.”

  • “We initially got services from a debt consolidating company based in Ontario. After 4 months of paying them $395 nothing happened. We were still being harassed by some creditors through mail, calls and house visits. With BNA, we haven’t started paying yet and we have already seen results in less than a month. All calls and mail from creditors stopped. That told us that this company is legit. Now we’re looking forward to declaring ourselves debt free.”

  • “BNA solutions has relieved a great deal of stress from daily life! Given us a solution to our debt problem and showing us ways to feel like we will not fall into debt problems in the future. The service is great!! Friendly and very helpful. They have gone above and beyond to deal with an issue that we could not solve and was threatening our well-being. Thank you to the staff and for the extra effort given!!”

  • “Thank you, I made it; clearing my debts. Your financial support helps me a lot during my debt days. More power.”

  • “I have great courteous service each month when I come in. Also when I have questions or request they are answered immediately.”

  • “BNA Solutions knows how to help stressed out people, like me. BNA shows you how to come out of financial problems, stress. Makes your life easy. I really appreciate the help I got from BNA. Staff is very nice and takes good care for you. You’re in good hands.”

  • “BNA recovered money owed to us from a bank not following the rules and keeping some of my support cheques.”

  • “I found Barry to be extremely fair and accommodating.”

  • "My experience at BNA Solutions were; 1) I can sleep soundly. 2) My problem about debt was solved. 3) My stress was gone away. 4) I am very very thankful to BNA because I learned about budgeting"

  • "It was an amazing experience to know this company (BNA Solutions). It helps me with my financial problems (like too many credit cards). I really didn’t know what to do with it. Until my friend referred me to BNA. Now I can sleep well and work well without any fear that one day I’ll be caught without money to pay for all my debts."

  • "Barry and his associates have been very helpful with me throughout my whole relationship with them. They have had more patience with my situation than I could ever imagine. I appreciate all the hard work they have put into my case and can’t thank them enough."

  • "So far so good. I can breathe & sleep so well now - I am looking forward to a better life. First time I came here they were very helpful and clarified everything for me. Staff is very friendly."

  • “BNA helped our financial situation with great assistance and understanding. Lifting us into a new start of life, recovering our daily ways of living and preparing our future.”

  • “Credit woes had become insurmountable and BNA Solutions were a tremendous help. Very helpful, informative people who didn’t judge our indiscretions. At a time in our lives where financial alterations were huge we were treated with respect, kindness, patience and professionalism.”